Extended Learning After School Activities

2019-2020 LLMS ELT Activities & Clubs

​Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Los Lunas Middle School is very excited to roll out our after school, lunch and advisory tutoring, clubs, and activities! All activities are supervised by a LLMS certified teacher.

Students may choose one or multiple activities, as their schedules allow.

We are also offering a free bus service after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays if parents sign the ELT (Extended Learning Time) bus form available at the front desk, online, and in parent teacher conferences. You must fill out the transportation registration form for ELT even if you have already filled one out for your child's regular daily bus transportation.

We polled our students and these activities are what students chose. Please sign up today, and activity teachers will notify you of the start date!

Printable Transportation Registration Form

Tutoring (English Language Arts):

Are you behind in English, Social Studies or Science? Do you need help to learn essential skills like writing essays, completing lab reports, or reading comprehension? This is a FREE tutoring service with a certified teacher here at LLMS.

This tutoring is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays during B-Lunch.  Contact Kristi Whistler at 865-7273 ext. 8581

Tutoring (Tiger Lunch):

Are you behind in your class or homework? This will be offered during A and B lunch. This is a FREE service with a certified teacher, to complete your work. You can bring a lunch into the classroom, however, must be within the first 5 minutes. Students may drop in or maybe assigned for some students by administration in room 301. Students must have excellent behavior in Tiger Lunch and be prepared to work.

This tutoring is available on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays during A and B Lunches.  You will need your homework, classwork and supplies.

Tutoring (After school Math help):

Students will will have chance to gain extra help toward math assignments/projects. This can be assigned by parents and teachers to increase skills, or as a drop in for homework help. Students must have EXCELLENT behavior, and be ready to work with all materials. This math tutoring is FREE and with certified teachers here at LLMS.

This is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. From 2:45pm-4:45pm.  You will need your iPad. Please contact Oscar Ordonez, Larry Stein, Amanda McCleary or Melanie Stout.

Reading Club:

This is a SECRET and cool place for student’s to be able to read, discuss and have fun.

This is available Monday through Friday during A and B lunch. Contact Carlos Ruiz or Chris Stringer.

​Native American Club:

Various activities to strengthen the cultural for each native student to remind them where they are coming from as well as bringing awareness to the outside community, in hopes that people will have a better understanding of native life.

This is available on Fridays during A and B lunches.  Contact Michael Valdez or Christa Neal.

Habits of Successful Students:

This club’s emphasis is designed to develop CEL (Mrs. Brito’s class) student’s social and community skills by cultivating positive relationships, or friendships, with student leaders as peer mentors/ tutors. 1:1 Special Education Assistant will be present.

This is available every day and lunch on Wednesdays.  Contact Terri Chavez.​

Friendship Club:

Are you interested in making friends and being a peer mentor while playing games, making crafts and simply having fun?You will provide opportunities for students with disabilities to meet cool kids and build friendships.

This is available Monday through Thursday during A and B lunches.  Contact Jo Ann Brito-Riel.​

Behavioral Intervention:

Behavioral Intervention (BI) is an eight day emotional and behavioral skills training course provided during A and B lunch. BI is not a therapy program, but rather a researched social-emotional learning curricula focused on helping students acquire and practice skills they need to develop appropriate decision making and emotion management before they engage in problematic behavior. This will be assigned by administration and is available Monday through Thursday during A and B lunches. Questions? Contact tmurphy@llschools.net or whays@llschools.net​.

Weightlifting and Team Sports:

Students will focus on skill based team building sports such as dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, football, softball and also weight lifting to build strength, body composition, and endurance.​

This is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45pm-4:45pm.  You must wear gym clothes.  Contact Danny Cordova or Oscar Ortega.

LLMS Ambassador Club:

Students will complete service learning projects, learn how to create a resume, and dress for success. More details are coming soon!​

Travel Club:

Students will: learn how to create a budget, travel itinerary, research points of interest, go on virtual field trips, explore historical sites around the world, use Google Earth and Keynote to present their findings. We would also like to go on once field trip per semester to historical sites around NM.​

This is available on Tuesdays from 2:45pm to 4:45pm. Please contact Lori Dearing or Kristi Whistler.

Maker-Space Club:

The Maker-Space Club students would have the opportunity to explore STEM issues and create their own projects.

This is available on Wednesdays from 2:45pm to 4:45pm. Contact Carlos Ruiz or Chris Stringer.​

Guitar Club:

Students are welcome to come to this club with any knowledge of guitar. This club will help beginners learn the basics of guitar and push the boundaries of practiced guitar players. Students can learn chords, scales, and even pop songs in this club. All genres of music are welcome in this class.

This is available on Tuesdays from 2:45pm to 4:45pm. Bring your own instrument. Contact Isaac Padilla.​

Drone Club (STEM & Advisory):

Starting from assembling the drone themselves, students will learn key concepts, including drone ethics, drone behavior, radio communication, flight safety, flying regulations, and ultimately programming and flying their own UAV drones. Students will be able to access this course on their iPads or the computer lab.​

This is available on Wednesdays. You must bring your iPad. Contact Jason McKinney.

Botball (STEM):

Botball is an international STEM/Robotics program that engages middle school students in team orientated robotics competitions and meets. It uses science, engineering, technology, math, and writing skills to design, build, program, autonomous robots. Students have a blast, and learn how to code! Details coming soon!

Chess Club:​

Do you like chess, or have you ever wanted to learn? Come learn or play chess and have fun!

This is available on Wednesdays from 2:45pm to 4:45pm. Contact Ryne Eversgerd.

Battle of the Books:

The New Mexico Battle of the Books is a reading competition for students in grades 4-8. Children read and meet with their peers throughout the year, then enter a quiz-style battle, with four rounds, in which they are asked about books that they have read from the year’s designated Battle of the Books reading list. Meet in Library.​

This is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45pm to 4:45pm.  Contact Teresa Martinez or Kim Rodriguez.


The Archery Club would be a club open to any LLMS students interested in archery. Archery is an activity that doesn’t discriminate based on popularity, athletic skill, gender, size, or academic ability. It’s a different kind of team sport. It’s open to any student. The club is designed to handle 15-60+ students. Students learn focus, self-control, discipline, patience, and the life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life.

This is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45pm to 4:45pm. Contact Kari Dutton or Owen Baca.

Writers Workshop/ELL:

This advisory’s emphasis is designed to expand their writing skills either in the formal or creative writing arena. Furthermore, the club will focus on preserving Spanish speaking skills and heritage.

This is available Monday through Friday during Advisory.  Contact Kim Rodriguez.​

Strategy Gamers United:

Students will play classic board games, collectable card games, and strategy based games that will provide them mind enhancing opportunities. Students must apply in Mr. Wood’s class.

This is available Monday through Friday in Advisory. Contact Jerry Wood.​

Promotional Art Design Club:

In this club, we will use student talents and art to reach out the student population. By doing this, we will offer promotion and marketing services for bulletin boards, posters, and other methods of design.

This is available on Fridays during Advisory.​ Contact Adrianna Avent.

Garage Band:

Students will have the opportunity to create music on their iPad using the Garage Band Ap. Apply in Mr. Ruiz’s class or contact him at cruiz@llschools.net.​
This is available Monday through Friday during Advisory.

Cooking & Recipes:

Students will research, create and write recipes while preserving the Spanish language and heritage.

This is available Monday through Friday during Advisory. Contact Lillian Montoya.​

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