School Info

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Dr. Nimrah R. Marquez - Principal

Jarrod Storey - Assistant Principal

Melissa Dyea -Assistant Principal

Regular Bell Schedule

07:21                     Warning Bell

07:25-08:24         1st

08:24-08:36         Homeroom

08:40-09:39         2nd

09:43-10:42         3rd

10:46-11:16         A Lunch

11:20-12:19         4th (A Lunch Students)

10:46-11:45         4th (B Lunch Students)

11:49-12:19         B Lunch

12:23-01:22         5th

01:26-02:25         6th

Late Start Bell Schedule

09:21                     Warning Bell

09:25-10:06         1st

10:10-10:51         2nd

10:55-11:36         3rd B Lunch Students

10:55-11:25        A Lunch

11:29-12:10         3rd A Lunch Students

11:40-12:10         B Lunch

12:14-12:55         4th

12:59-01:41         5th

01:45-02:25         6th

Los Lunas Middle School

Nothing less than my best!
LLMS is a community where all members are accountable
and commtted to ongoing achievement.

Dr. Ryan Kettler
Los Lunas Schools Superintendent

  Tina Garcia (District #1)
Board President/Finance Committee Chair
   Bruce Bennett (District #5)
Finance Committee/Audit Committee
  Bryan C. Smith  (District #4)
Board Member
  Eloy G. Giron  (District #2)
Board Member
P. David Vickers (District #3)
Board Vice President/Audit Committee Chair

Los Lunas Schools Board of Education

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